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Requirements for an Arduino training system

A training system for Arduino must adapt to the task at hand and, of course, be usable in a classroom scenario.

  • The training system must not be the limiting factor!

An ideal training device reproduces the exercise model uncompromisingly. Changes or extensions of the exercise task in function and scope must be flexible and agile. 
In a school class, the identical training system should be able to be used by both the teacher and the students. 
And all this without time-consuming or complicated training in the training system.

The solution, the professional Lab4Arduino

With the professional Arduino Trainer from you are able to flexibly display different exercise models.
The identical training system can be used by the teacher on the whiteboard and the student in the workplace.
  • Of course, this also makes your request easy and uncomplicated.
A lengthy training in the Lab4PLC or Lab4Arduino systems is not necessary.
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Products in the shop

Highlights Lab4Arduino:

> Quick and easy entry into the Arduino world . 
> Arduino Nano Coach
> From Sketch to the model 
> endless possibilities
> Le -phones and student  use while the identical training system 
> Trainers created visually in the workplace and / or whiteboard 
Magnetic sensors and actuators can be placed on the practice model as needed 
> Suitable in from and further education in school , study and career 
> Optimal for "Learning by doing " 
No long lasting training in the trainer necessary
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Video Tutorial:

Professional Arduino 
 training / education system