About us

Pfeiffer-IT GmbH was founded in 2000 as an IT service company. This was the logical further development to solidly set up the company after 5 years of independence. Our field of activity was the migration of hardware and software in large companies. Our customers include companies such as Siemens, Hannover Re, Allianz and Continental.

In 2016, the field of activity was expanded to include visualization and training systems. The first step in this direction was the development of a Logo8 Trainer (Logo8-Trainingboard).

However, this was only the first step. Since the end of 2017, we offer a PLC trainer who is much more than a pure trainer, the Lab4PLC and Lab4Arduino.

The Lab4PLC is the visualization toolset whose application possibilities are almost unlimited. Due to the nature of the visualization, any environment can be built up. Regardless of whether you use the Lab4PLC for simulation, test, training or just to illustrate a process. And the Lab4PLC can be used with various PLC controllers / manufacturers.

The visualization toolset Lab4Arduino provides the same functionality for the popular Arduino Nano.

For both toolsets, the following applies: You determine the limits of the application possibilities!

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about us and our products.

Best regards

Stefan Pfeiffer
(Managing Director)