Siemens Logo! 8, EATON easy-E4, Controllino, Siemens S7-1200, Kunbus RevPI - PLC trainingsboard in school or vocational training and further education

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PLC Trainingsboard

Logo! 8, easyE4, Controllino, RevPI, S7-1200
 with learning cards and sample solutions


The PLC Trainingsboard is suitable for learning, testing and simulating a wide range of different tasks with a created PLC program for Siemens  Logo! 8, easyE4 or Controllino. 
The training cards, task descriptions and sample solutions included in the scope of delivery support rapid learning success.
Logo-Trainingsboard   for Siemens Logo! 12/24 RCE
easy-Trainingsboard   for EATON Easy-E4-UC-12RC1 or Easy-E4-DC-12TC1
Controllino-Trainingsboard   for Controllino MAXI Automation und Controllino MAXI
S7-1200-Trainingsboard  for Siemens S7-1200 
RevPI-Trainingsboard  for Kunbus RevPI

PLC Trainingsboards are a realistic, functional training system.

Logo8 Trainingsboard used to visualize tasks - learning, testing, simulating

* e.g. Logo-Trainingsboard (also available for Eaton easy E4, Controllino, Siemens S7-1200, Kunbus RevPI)

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The PLC Trainingsboard and the included learning cards / training cards allow the visualization of the tasks. The sensors and actuators of the exercises are schematically displayed with the Inputs and Outputs of the connected PLC. The Trainer supports the learning and the understanding of the PLC programming.


Application field:

The application field ranges from school to vocational training or further education, study or use in PLC training. It is also possible to familiarise yourself with new technologies.
Suitable for Education and training, to the Chamber of Industry and Commerce exam preparation and "Learning by doing".

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Further digital and analog inputs and outputs can be connected to the PLC Trainingsboard with "PLC-Extension Modules". The "Interface Module 1" can be used to connect and control external sensors, actuators or third-party models. A traffic light module is also available. This allows a typical traffic light system for pedestrians to be programmed and tested. The new Interface Meter shows two analog output values (0-10V, 0-20mA, 4-20mA).

Siemens Logo!, EATON easyE4, Controllino Trainingsboard,realistic functional training environment
Example: easy-Trainingsboard in a SET
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