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Logo! 8 Trainer

Realistic functional Logo! 8 environment


The "Logo8Trainingsboard" allows visualization of the tasks. The sensors and actuators of a task are thereby connected schematically to the inputs and outputs of the controller. This creates a teaching material as a realistic functional environment.
Das Logo8 Trainingsboard zum Visualisieren von Aufgabenstellungen - Erlernen, Testen, Simulieren

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Use case: 

The Logo! 8 Trainer is suitable for learning, testing and simulating different with Logo! Soft Comfort created programs for the Siemens Basis Modul Logo! 8 12/24 RCE (0BA8). The included training cards, task descriptions and sample solutions support a fast learning success. The area of application ranges from school-related to vocational training or further education, to study or to training. The Logo! 8 Trainer supports the learning and understanding of PLC programming through "Learning by doing".



Additional digital and analog inputs and outputs can be connected to the "Logo8-Trainingsboard" with "Logo8-Extension modules" for DM8, AM2 or AM2 AQ. With the "Interface Module 1" third-party models can be connected and controlled. Even a traffic light module is available so that a typical traffic light system for pedestrians can be developed, programmed and tested.

SET including Logo8-Trainingsboard, Interface module, extension module, traffic light
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