Trainingsboard as preconfigured or individual SET and SET in a case

Siemens Logo8-Trainingsboard für Logo! 8 12/24 RCE im Shop


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Different Trainingsboard SETs are available. 

Logo, easy-E4, Controllino
 with training cards and sample solutions


The Trainingsboards are available in different SETs.
We are also happy to put together an individual SET for you. 

Trainingsboard - SET

e.g. Logo-Trainingsboard as a SET

The Trainingsboard SETs are available for EATON easyE4, Siemens Logo! and Controllino!


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Trainingsboard - SET in Case

Logo8-Trainingsboard - SET im Koffer
e.g. Logo-Trainingsboard as a SET in Case
The Trainingsboard SETs in Case are available for EATON easy E4, Siemens Logo! and Controllino!

We are happy to create an individual SET for you. 
Please do not hesitate to contact us.
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