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Content: PLC Trainer / SPS Trainer- Lab4PLC

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Lab4PLC   Controllino, Siemens Simatic, Bosch Rexroth, Beckhoff,
Phoenix Contact, Eaton, Schneider, Moeller
 User-defined PLC exercise 
tasks can be realized!
  and many more!

The PLC Trainer - Strategy

The strategy of this innovative and flexible SPS training system is to provide our customers with a modular SPS/PLC trainer with which they can start immediately.

By visualizing the task and the sensors and actuators already included, the required PLC exercise models can be implemented immediately. The scope of delivery already includes a large number of example PLC exercises from different specialist areas and difficulty levels.

Lab4PLC is suitable for education and training in school, technical school, vocational school, vocational training, training center,... 
Lab4PLC can be used PLC manufacturer independent, all common PLC controls* can be used.
Lab4PLC is an industry and application independent SPS training system.

The PLC Trainer - Requirements of a PLC training system, a PLC training

Training devices for PLC control systems / PLC control systems must ideally adapt to the required task in PLC training.

  • The training device must not be the limiting factor!

An ideal training system reproduces the SPS exercise tasks uncompromisingly independent of the SPS control / PLC control used. Changes or extensions of the PLC exercise task in function and scope must be flexible and agile. And all this without time-consuming or complicated training in the PLC training system.

The PLC Trainer - Solution -> Lab4PLC

With the professional PLC Trainer from you are able to perform a wide variety of PLC exercises independent of industry and application.

Standard PLC training tasks, such as conveyor belt, assembly line or conveyor belt, elevator or sorting system can be displayed as well as air conditioning, heating control or level monitoring!

  • Surely your requirements can also be implemented easily and uncomplicatedly!

A lengthy familiarization with the Lab4PLC is not necessary. The PLC training can start immediately with the first PLC exercise.

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Example - Application: 

Aufgabe visualisieren
Visualize task

Sensoren und Aktoren mit dem Lab4PLC verbinden
Connecting sensors & actuators

Flexibel erweiterbar
Flexible extension


Highlights - PLC Trainer Lab4PLC:

  • PLC exercises are visually created on a whiteboard  ◄ more ►
    • Visualize the task
    • place magnetic sensors & actuators as needed
    • Test and simulate PLC program
    • PLC exercise model flexibly changeable
  • own/any PLC exercise models easily implementable ◄ more ►
  • industry-independent and application-independent
  • Sensors and actuators already included in the scope of delivery
  • flexible and modularly expandable
  • Can be used on a whiteboard and/or workstation
  • PLC manufacturer independent ◄ more ►
  • professional PLC training system / SPS trainer
  • Master-SlaveIndustrie 4.0, IoT, Smart Home ready
  • quick, easy and uncomplicated familiarisation
  • suitable for training and further education in school, university and occupation
  • suitable for CHAMBER OF INDUSTRY AND COMMERCE exam preparation, optimal for „Learning by doing


Determine the limits of the application possibilities!

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Education and training PLC training system
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Video Tutorial - PLC Trainer Lab4PLC:

In this video you see exemplary
  • the structure of a PLC exercise task
  • testing the PLC program
Equipment PLC Trainer / SPS Trainer:
  • Lab4PLC Mini PLUS ◄ more ► with
  • Controllino MAXI Automation as PLC / SPS controller
Any PLC exercise tasks
can be implemented!

In the following example, you see the PLC exercise as a picture.

Equipment PLC Trainer / SPS Trainer:

  • Lab4PLC Advanced PLUS ◄ more ► with
  • Siemens Simatic S7-1500 as PLC / SPS control

SPS-Trainer, PLC-Trainer: Immer die passenden SPS Übungsaufgaben umsetzbar. Trainingsmodell, Übungsmodelle


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