Betriebsurlaub vom 16.09.2023 bis 3.10.2023. Alle Lieferungen verschieben sich um diesen Zeitraum, vielen Dank für Ihr Verständnis.
Company vacation from 16.09.2023 til 3.10.2023. All deliveries will be postponed for this period, thank you for your understanding.

Controllino-Trainingsboard - suitable for Controllinos

Recommended Controllino controller, this is additionally required:
  • Controllino MAXI Automation (prefered)
  • Controllino MAXI
Optionally other Controllino models can be used! Please contact us. 

Sample solutions: All Controllino-Trainingsboard come with over 30 Arduino sample tasks and Arduino sample solutions for the Arduino IDE!

Of course, many other Arduino tasks available on the Internet can be implemented with our training boards! 

The Controllino-Trainingsboard is suitable in Arduino education and training for learning and testing programming.

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