Logo8-Trainingsboard - suitable for Siemens Logo! 8 12/24 RCE

Logo8-Trainingsboard - suitable for school and vocational education

Expansion stages Logo! 8 Trainer: 
 Logo8-Trainingsboard  Basic Logo8-Trainingsboard, necessary for the following extensions
Logo8-Trainingsboard SET  Includes the Logo8-Trainingsboard and all below products in a SET
 Logo8-Extension Modul DM8
 Extension by 4 digital inputs and outputs
 Logo8-Extension Modul AM2
 Extension by & nbsp; 2 Analogs & nbsp; Inputs
 Logo8-Extension Modul AM2 AQ 
 Extension by & nbsp; 2 & nbsp; analogue & nbsp; outputs
 Interface Modul Traffic Lights
 Simulation of a traffic light control
 Interface Module 1  For connection of external simulation such as e.g. Third-party models
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